UFC 246 Live Stream

The Ultimate Fighting Championship UFC 246 will take place on January 18th, 2020 and the venue is the T-Mobile Arena which is located in Paradise Nevada, US. The major fight is between two former division two champions Conor McGregor and his former UFC lightweight championship counterpart Donald Cerrone. Cerrone is the challenger in the fight which is one of the biggest events that will happen in January 2020.

UFC 246 Live Stream

Who: Conor McGregor vs Donald Cerrone

When: Saturday at 7:00 p.m. ET

Where: T-Mobile Arena, Nevada, United States

TV: FOX, CBS, fuboTV

Live Stream: Watch Here

Where is the T-Mobile Arena?

T-Mobile Arena is situated in the Las Vegas Strip of Paradise in the State of Nevada. It is the multipurpose indoor field situated inside that strip. The zone is well known on account of the significant occasions that occur here, for example, the National Hockey League. The Arena was opened for business in the year 2016, and it has gotten exceptionally alluring for the most significant game particularly those with a global measurement. The inside has been utilized for other significant occasions, for example, shows, and other diversion purposes. Above all, this scene is presently utilized for other significant exercises, for example, the blended hand to hand fighting occasions just as expert boxing and other games, for example, the UFC 246.

UFC 246 Main Card

UFC 246 is the major UFC hazardous occasion for January 2020. This is a result of the gauge of warriors who might be locked in on that date. There are bunches of battles charged for that date. The significant occasion or the principle card of that day would be the battle between Conor McGregor and his challenger Donald Cerrone. The battle is produced a ton of intrigue on the grounds that these warriors were previous bosses. McGregor was the previous two-division champion while his challenger was the previous UFC champion. This will be the occasion of the main event as the two met beforehand.

UFC 246 Early Prelims

Before the significant battles or the headliner is to occur, there are a few different prelims there are arranged to get fans engaged. These prelims were not only for amusement; they were intended to decide a victor or champion between the contenders. One such prelim incorporates the bantamweight for lady’s battle between the hero Holly Holm and the Raquel Pennington who was the previous title challenger. This won’t be the first run through the two warriors are to meet. They met before in UFC 184 which was in 2015, and Holm won that experience through a split choice. They were to meet again in UFC 243 yet that never occurred. This is an open door for the challenger to demonstrate her value.

What TV Channel will the UFC 246 be on?

UFC 246 would be on the ESPN Plus channel and it depends on the PPV plan. The significant card in the session is between Conor McGregor and that of the challenger Donald Cerrone. Different prelims battles are remembered for the tickets. There is a continuous arrangement between the ESPN and UFC and that arrangement is required to keep going for a long time. UFC 246 is one of the occasions which that arrangement should cover. Be that as it may, ESPN global would help out other spilling alternatives, for example, link specialist co-ops, online inclusion suppliers, and different suppliers. The battle depends on compensation for each view premise. Nonetheless, in the event that you need to watch it without cash, you need to investigate different alternatives that are accessible to you. For example, online life spilling alternative.

UFC 246 live broadcast schedule Worldwide

UFC battles are a worldwide occasion in light of the fact that the battle is watched by individuals everywhere throughout the world. Regardless of the piece of the world that you are found, despite everything you have the alternative of viewing the principal engaging battle of 2018. It happens on January eighteenth, 2020.

United States of America

Those in the US would watch it on ESPN International, PPV and it begins from 10 pm for the fundamental card occasion.

Prelims would likewise be accessible on ESPN 2 and it begins from 8 pm

Early Prelims is accessible on ESPN in addition to just as FIGHT PASS and it begins from 6.30 pm.

Australia (Sydney)

On the off chance that you dwell on the Sydney side of Australia, you can watch it as follows:

Battle PASS and different suppliers, PPV and it begins from 1 pm

ESPN and FIGHT PASS, Prelims at 11 am

Early Prelims 9.30 am, accessible through FIGHT PASS and starts from 9.30 pm

Australia (Perth)

Accessible on FIGHT PASS and different suppliers, PPV, and starts from 10 am on Sunday

Prelims and accessible through FIGHT PASS and ESPN begins from 8 am.

Early prelims, accessible on FIGHT PASS, and starts from 6.30 pm on Sunday.


The headliner would be accessible on FIGHT PASS and different suppliers, PPV and begins from 10 pm

Prelims would be accessible on TSN5 and start from 8 pm

Early Prelims would be accessible on FIGHT PASS and starts from 6.30 pm.


The significant card occasion will be accessible on FIGHT PASS, PPV and shows at 3 am

Prelims begin from 1 am and it is accessible on FIGHT PASS

Early Prelims begins from 11.30 pm and broadcast on FIGHT PASS.

Joined Kingdom (London)

The principle battles start at 7 pm on PPV and it would be accessible on BT Sport 1

Prelims begin on FIGHT PASS at 12 am and 5 PM on Sunday on BT Sport 1

Early Prelims begins from 10.30 pm on FIGHT PASS.

How can I watch UFC 246 without a cable

In the event that you don’t have a link association, trust isn’t lost for you on the grounds that there are different alternatives accessible for you to watch that session occasion. It is accessible on ESPN in addition to stations and this has other spilling alternatives separated from the link. They have web channels where they can stream the occasions live. You should simply visit the official site and download the application. You will appreciate a similar membership yet that relies upon the applications you need to utilize it on. Here is a portion of the alternatives accessible for you on the off chance that you are a link shaper.


Fubo is a decent option for link cutters. The significant thing about them is that they offer a seven-day free preliminary. This empowers you to trial their administrations and afterward choose whether you would submit your cash or not. After the preliminary offer lapses, you can pay the membership of $19.99 for the principal month. There are different gushing alternatives that you can browse.

Fubo Bundle administrations

Fubo by and by offers four group administrations and they incorporate fubo, fubo extra, fubo Latino just as fubo Portuguese.

Customization: If you like you can alter the administrations to air those that fill your need very well, for example, channels groups that incorporate a few choices like games, kids, way of life just as Hollywood, etc. You can likewise alter directs in different dialects.

It is accessible on various gadgets and they give seven days’ free preliminary. Fubo is an incredible alternative for some link cutters as a result of the different administrations they offer.

DirecTV Now

This is another extraordinary alternative for link cutters. You can see in any event sixty-five live channels on the off chance that you buy into their administration. The administration gives seven days’ free assistance. This implies you can watch their projects for seven days without paying a dime. It offers you the chance to watch UFC 246 on PPV.

Groups: The station offers a few packages, for example, Live a Little, Just Right, Go Big, Gotta Have it, Todo Y mass.

Customization: notwithstanding that, on the off chance that you like, you can alter the channel to suit your needs. There are some additional channels just as premium packs, you can tweak this, for example, Cinemax, Showtime, HBO just as Starz.

Gadgets: You can utilize this on a few gadgets since it can bolster them, for example, the Chromecast, Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku, Browsers, Android, iOS, Samsung, Roku, etc.

Sling TV

Sling Television is consistently the best choice for anyone who needs to abstain from utilizing the link. They give the best spilling administration. Moreover, the station makes it simpler for clients to tweak their administration. Additionally, they give free administrations to seven days. This would offer you a chance to try that support of expertise it can work and to have the option to appreciate every one of the administrations they offer.

Groups: The station offers three packs and they incorporate the Blue, Orange, just as Orange in addition to Blue. Aside from that, there are loads of channel packs that meet up and there are likewise some related systems. You have the chance of viewing different ESPN administrations. You can approach ABC benefits just like NBC and a few others.

Customization: similarly, you can tweak the channels HBO, and Showtime, Starz, Cinemax, Epix. Similarly, you approach Curiosity Stream, Pattaya, UP Faith, and Family, Dove Channel, Stingray Karaoke, just as Outside TV.

Gadgets: When it comes to gadgets, it can bolster Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast. Besides, it bolsters Android TV, AirTV Player, just as Xiaomi. Also, this backing LG Smart TVs, Samsung Smart TVs, iOS, Android, Fire tablets, Xbox One, and Chrome internet browser

The administration offers seven days’ free preliminary and that offers you the chance to investigate the administration and decide how to keep on utilizing it.

Hulu TV

On the off chance that you buy into Hulu TV live you would have the option to watch up to fifty live channels. It doesn’t cost in excess of forty dollars to buy into their month to month program. Also, when you join your approach the one-week free preliminary. In the event that you don’t care for the nature of the administration you get, you can drop that program.

Packs: There is a solitary group and the charge for one month is $39.99 for one month.

Customization: You can alter the channels you need to watch and settle on your decision. There are premium channels, for example, Cinemax, Showtime just as HBO.

Gadget bolsters: The station can bolster diverse online stations and different applications, for example, iOS, Android, and Fire TV. They likewise bolster Apple TV, Roku, Xbox, just as Chromecast, Samsung Smart TVs, and different programs. Above all, the DVR gadget can bolster boundless extra rooms, etc. They likewise offer free preliminaries and this implies you can give it a shot before you can spend your cash on the framework.

YouTube TV

YouTube has loads of fascinating channels to offer. A portion of the channels that you get from them incorporate ESPN, ABC, CBS just as NBC, etc. Since the battle would happen on ESPN, you can watch it through YouTube since the channel will be the official communicated station. There are likewise other intriguing things about YouTube that stand it out from a few different stations out there. At the point when you buy into the channel, you find that it has everything that you need.

Packs: You can buy into the month to month group at the pace of forty dollars a month to month.

Customization is additionally conceivable and that makes it simpler for you to settle on a decision. There is some station you can modify and they include: Premium channels – this superior channel incorporates the accompanying AMC Premiere, Curiosity Stream, just as Fox Soccer Plus, and Showtime, Starz, Shudder just as Sundance Now, etc.

Gadgets: in particular, this application is good with the accompanying gadgets and they incorporate the accompanying: Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, Xbox One, Samsung and LG Smart TVs, iOS, just as Android, etc.

In particular, the channel is accessible for seven days’ free preliminary. The preliminary can keep going for seven days.

PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue is the Sony answer for web TV. The channel is perfect with the Vue application. This implies you should initially download the application and start to utilize it. Moreover, there are bunches of stations you can watch through that online TV. The expense of the month to month groups shifts. The most intriguing thing with this application is that you would have the option to watch significant games projects and you would approach such channels like ESPN, ABC, NBC, and different channels. The expense of various groups isn’t the equivalent. Right now, they have set up four-packs, and these are the entrance which is fundamental. Others incorporate the Core, Elite lastly the Ultra which is the most costly.

Customization: You can alter it to watch various TVs, for example, channel packs, Spanish channels, etc. There are different channels that you can redo and they incorporate Fox soccer in addition, Cinemax, Showtime just as HBO and these are premium channels.

Gadgets: It can bolster various gadgets, for example, Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV, just as Apple TV. It can likewise bolster Chromecast, iOS, and Android. It is additionally good with Roku, PS3, PS4, and program.

In particular, they cause accessible free preliminaries and this to can keep going for five days. This is perhaps the best choice and you might want the gushing quality.

How to watch UFC 246 live stream: Fight Pass early prelims?

There are heaps of bundles remembered for UFC 246. This implies on the off chance that you get that ticket, you will be occupied all through. This is on the grounds that the occasion is going to keep going for quite a while and a few different battles would happen before the primary card. To guarantee that watchers are engaged, some fascinating bundles are incorporated here and they incorporate the early prelims. This typically begins sooner than different battles and the ordinary time it begins is 6.30 pm. for all the early prelim battles, you can generally watch them through the FIGHT PASS. You are going to utilize this go to observe even the significant occasions in different pieces of the world. In the event that you need to observe a great part of the prelims and the significant card, you should go past the FIGHT PASS and that relies upon the piece of the world that you are found.

This Fight Pass has not generally been there; it was presented in the year 2014. It is a fantastic application and you can utilize that to observe the vast majority of the battles including UFC. Moreover, this application is flexible and it tends to be picked by the ESPN and different suppliers, for example, Xbox, Apple Television, Amazon Fire TV, Roku just as Chromecast, Android gadgets, iOS, just as Smart TVs, etc.

How to watch UFC 246 use PureVPN from anywhere?

An occasion like UFC 246 is viewed from all pieces of the world. Many individuals who need to watch that would not do so in light of firewall limitations. The most ideal way out of it is to search for methods for boycotting the firewall limitations. Hence, the arrangement is a VPN administration. This sort of administration is prescribed in light of the fact that it breaks a wide range of firewalls and presents to you the channels that you need to watch.

There are bunches of VPN suppliers out there that you can attempt however the best among them is the PureVPN. They are the best in light of the fact that their administrations were tried and saw as well as can be expected trust in that industry. The administrations never come up short and that is the reason the administration is constantly trusted.

Here are the means by which to go about it. The main thing that you should do is to visit the official site of PureVPN and download the VPN application from the website. You can download one relying upon whether you need to utilize it for your cell phone or you need to utilize it on your PC. At the point when you download it, the following thing you need to do is to introduce it. From that point forward, you need to open the application and associate dependent with the server area that you need to interface with. On the off chance that you live in areas where UFC doesn’t show their battles, you can pick such an area. You are going to break all types of limitations.

Before the framework can work for you, you should guarantee that you are associated with the server. You should buy-in and sign into the record. With PureVPN you would have the option to associate with any piece of the world and peruse the web. The most significant thing here is that you can watch that battle and you would not be hindered at all.

How to Get UFC 246 tickets

Tickets are as of now at a bargain for the individuals who need to watch UFC 246. The tickets are accessible on the web. You can arrange the ticket from the web. Visit the coordinator’s site. You can arrange it from ticket experts. There are options, think about the different other options and guarantee that you settle on the right decision.

Final words

UFC 246 is around the bend. It is the primary significant unstable UFC occasion to happen in the year. There are other fascinating battles remembered for that ticket. It would be viewed by a large number of fans from all pieces of the world.

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